Spacing a 3/4" Solid Hardwood Floor

Input Target EMC
Input Average MC*
Input Board Size "
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This calculator is made using coefficient data and formulas from the NWFA.

How to use:

First, note all fields that have Input in their label field are editable. Then change the Input Target EMC field to the moisture content the floor should reach in the peak of summer. Next, change the Input Average MC. It is important to take an average of a least 10 different random boards. These readings should be taken prior to installing the floor and after the floor has set in a controlled HVAC environment for at least 3-5 days. Next, pick the the correct species and grain structure from the Species Selection drop down menu. Change the Input Board Size to the correct size flooring being installed. Finally, change the Input Spacer Size to the preferred spacer size you will use with this floor. The default size in the spacer is 1/8". The calculator will show you the the board growth and the recommended board spacing as per the data entered.